Eat Delicious, Fresh Meals With Our Food Delivery Service

Get the freshest food delivered to your door! Falling River Meats offers:


Local Produce and Pantry

We carry a small selection of local produce, local cheese and pantry items. Our stock is always changing so please come in and see what we have or feel free to call or email if you are looking for a specific item.


Sandwiches and Salads

Our sandwiches and salads are made from scratch and change with the seasons. We strive to give you the best quality, freshest and most delicious eating experience.

Bacon Ribs

Other Prepared Dishes

Too tired to cook or go out? We deliver tasty dishes made tastier by fresh and ethically-sourced ingredients.

This service is only available to those in North Bend, Washington. Check out our menu to see more food options.

Use our QR Code to order online.